Mission Statement

We find solutions that meets our clients’ specific business needs while offering unparalleled service and attention.

ClearView Underwriters Alliance is a specialized surety Managing General Agent, with over 30 years of experience underwriting surety bonds and construction-related insurances to the Canadian broking market. We focus on surety bonds, and in particular, construction bonds for new emerging small contractors up to established mid-sized contractors as well as commercial surety bonds for corporations and individuals on account and transactional basis.

Our Philosophy

We believe the purpose of our business is to create innovative solutions that provide our brokers and their clients with the tools needed to succeed.

In any industry, communication is the key to success, our responsibility therefore is to thoroughly understand the needs of our brokers. Every Broker and their clients demand and deserve the highest level of attention, commitment and expertise regardless of the size of the broker or its client.

We take it upon ourselves to continue to understand the issues that are important to the brokers, and in so creating solutions critical to their success.

Our goal is to work with the broker and their clients, offer constructive input alongside pro-active and positive solutions. To create programs which are realistic and competitive. We realize the brokers are our eyes and ears to the industry, and our fundamental success depends on a willingness to work with our clients, and never lose sight of the goal, which is to meet the needs of the brokers and their clients, while maintaining the process of responsible underwriting.

In short, our core beliefs, principles and philosophy about how we conduct business is captured in a single sentence that is the essence of our mission statement

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Why Choose Us

The Canadian surety market has undergone a consolidation in the past several years and bigger gets preferred while the markets contract for others. The opportunity has arisen to underwrite the underserved small to mid-sized Performance and Labour/Material bonds segment of the market.

At the core of our business is a skilled, knowledgeable team of professionals, dedicated to serving the diverse business needs of our customers. With proven underwriting standards that are solid and stable, CVUA’s team of specialists have expertise in underwriting for the construction, technology, logistics, manufacturing and remediation contracting industries. We carefully evaluate the overall quality of our client’s business, and assess how each contractor uses its resources, skill and experience to be competitive in today’s markets.

These are the reasons you need a surety partner like ClearView Underwriters Alliance. Our innovative solutions address the challenges and risk you face every day, who understand your unique situation and has the experience to help you manage the risks allowing you to focus on running your business.


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